Saturday, August 11, 2007

More done!

We got our fingerprints taken care of yesterday. I was chatting with the very nice gentleman doing our digital prints and found out there's an office much closer to us - like 40 minutes away. We were north of Baltimore, which is very much NOT 40 minutes away... Ah well. I should have researched myself, rather than just depending that the agency had it all correct. There were a couple of other small things that were incorrect in our information packet, so I'll let them know the larger in a nice email or phone call. I get the feeling most people opt not to go the route we did (digital prints at the main office), but I don't want to have them redone due to smears, and yesterday was a day that worked for both Tom and I in that neither of us needed to take a day of leave. Suddenly, that's a precious commodity. :)

Quiet weekend here - although I'm sure I'll start working on our autobiography questions. Those are always challenging for me...


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