Friday, March 28, 2008

Hello from Korea!

We're here! :) Safe and sound, although we're all wide awake at 1:30 in the morning Korea time. Blasted jet lag. I know we should be sleeping, but it just doesn't seem possible right now. Hopefully we'll take a small nap later today and get back into a regular rhythm. Just in time to come home and be off (time-wise) again.

Our hotel is nice - downtown and fairly close to a number of sightseeing locations that we're interested in visiting. Not sure what we'll do later today, but we have a fair bit of time before anything opens. Tom is pretty much acting as our social planner on this trip.

We head over to Eastern Social Welfare Society on Monday morning, to meet with the head of the agency and then to meet our new son. Very exciting! I'm glad we have a weekend before we do that, because we'd be so far out of sync if it was today...

A few photos from the trip so far:
This was lunch - it was wonderful!
View from our hotel:
We're right near Seoul Tower - Tom keeps debating if we could hike it from here... I'm sure he and Andrew would do all right, but I'd probably have a tougher time. It's right up the side of a mountain - I'll get a photo later and upload it.

Anyway, the flight was long (about 14 hours), but not bad. I had a hard time sleeping, but Tom and Andrew managed some.

More to come later, probably...


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