Saturday, August 11, 2007

More done!

We got our fingerprints taken care of yesterday. I was chatting with the very nice gentleman doing our digital prints and found out there's an office much closer to us - like 40 minutes away. We were north of Baltimore, which is very much NOT 40 minutes away... Ah well. I should have researched myself, rather than just depending that the agency had it all correct. There were a couple of other small things that were incorrect in our information packet, so I'll let them know the larger in a nice email or phone call. I get the feeling most people opt not to go the route we did (digital prints at the main office), but I don't want to have them redone due to smears, and yesterday was a day that worked for both Tom and I in that neither of us needed to take a day of leave. Suddenly, that's a precious commodity. :)

Quiet weekend here - although I'm sure I'll start working on our autobiography questions. Those are always challenging for me...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

And so the fun begins again


I swear, trying to work out where we're going to have fingerprints taken on which day is enough to drive me to distraction. Really, we're pretty lucky given that Tom still has off for the summer. I think we're going on Friday, since it's my day off. I know I sound whiny, and it's all worth it in the end. But geeze....

More tomorrow, I've got some family time coming my way. :)